FEBRUARY 6, 2019


The following is an interpretation from our rules interpreter Teresa Turner.

Thanks, Jeff Cluff * UHSAA Superviser


Throw-ins after a made basket or awarded goal

The provisions for a throw-in after a made basket are a little different than designated spot throw-ins. The question has been presented regarding a play where, after a made basket, a team has all 5 players out of bounds prior to the throw-in. THIS IS A LEGAL PLAY

Rule 7 Section 5 Article 7 indicates that on a throw-in from anywhere along the endline ?ANY player of the team may make a direct throw-in OR he/she may pass the ball along the end line to a teammate(s) outside the boundary?. The pluralization of teammate(s) indicates that more than one player MAY be legally out of bounds. There is no restriction on the number of players on the throw-in team for being out of bounds along the end line after a score.

As with any throw-in the requirements are to get the ball in play within 5 seconds. Once the throw-in is completed, then players would need to legally enter the court and resume play.

This is NOT a technical foul under Rule 10 Section 4 Article 2 for purposely and/or deceitfully delay returning after legally being out of bounds as the players are entitled to that spot until the throw-in ends. That is not the spirit of that technical foul and this should not be called.