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SLAM DUNK - Showboating Leads To Technical Foul

Wasatch Academy - Dunk

Michael Leavitt BlogOn December 7, 2018 the Wasatch Academy from Mount Pleasant, Utah played the Richland Bombers from Southeast Washington State. I was a fan in the stands watching this game and thoroughly enjoyed what turned out to be a blowout game. I posted this video on Facebook the following day with the following description...

The Wasatch Academy dominated the Redmond Bombers at the 2019 Vivent Great Western Shootout in Orem, Utah. The turnover dunk by 6'9" #44 Mady Sissoko followed by the steal and bucket by 6'6" #23 Leonardo Colimerio was penalized with a "T" as the muscle-flexing pose directed at the cheering Wasatch student section was deemed as unsportsmanlike conduct. This did not slow them down a bit in their 97-62 victory.


Wasatch DunkYT

I had mixed reactions to these plays...

  • At-A-Boy - I loved the intensity of the Wasatch Academy.
  • Disappointment - Come on, act like you have won a blowout game before.
  • Get Some Muscles - If you are going to strike a power pose, then you best bulk up a bit.
  • Great Call - The call, mechanics, and disposition of the official administering the technical foul was spot on. There was no need to showboat as the matter of fact technical foul call was made.

I was in attendance at this game to see if the Wasatch Academy was as dominant this year as they were last year. I was also attending as a sub-varsity official taking lots of notes while observing the senior officials from Utah officiate these games. I had the good fortune of doing two games earlier in the day for the JV & Sophomores, but they bore little resemblance to the caliber of play in the Orem High School Fieldhouse Varsity games.

NOTE: I found it interesting that the official let the first intimidation pose by #44 go, which led to the inbound steal and the over the top muscle flex. I think I would have been tempted to call a "T" the first pose, and I would have been wrong to do so. I believe this official handled the plays correctly. Once the full muscle man pose happened, then stopping the game had to be done to maintain control. #23 was shocked by the call, which leads me to believe that other officials may have let him get away with this in the past.

DECORUM: Yes, I was more than a bit disappointed by the fan base and the players from the Wasatch Academy. They were acting as though they were the underdogs pulling off the upset of the century. The cheering of their family members and fans was as though the miracle was happening and the rapture was upon us. This seemed odd to me since they were coming into the tournament as the favorites. It is one thing to be excited, but the score was 71-39 before the dunk. Adding 4 more points on these two plays made it 75-39. This was an emotional dagger that took any wind left out of the sails of the Richland Bombers. I would have much preferred for the Wasatch Academy to "act like they have done this before!"



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